Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back after 2 years! Bonjour a la Rockies!

Bonjour a la Rockies

It seems much longer than 2 years ago I put my thoughts on nature/geology/travel on a blog. A lot has happened within those 2 years and it has been a roller coaster ride. I want to get back to blogging about nature again. Maybe not just nature, life in general too i suppose with a little bit of geology. I will try to keep this blog up as I just read one of my drafts that I had started on my visit to India. It was very interesting and now i wish i had finished it if not published it. But alas, i cannot finish it now since I had written that a year ago. What a shame!

Being in between jobs and my husband traveling for work, I find some time to idle whilst i work on several things. And so i'm reborn again online with my blogging.

So what happened within the last 2 years? Here's a summary:
  • Got married to my boyfriend of seeing him for 2 years
  • Graduated with my MSc in Geology
  • Traveled to India twice
  • Saw a Sri Lankan wedding in Sri Lanka (my first)
  • Started working with one of my friends to set up a home for orphaned girls in Sri Lanka
  • Started volunteering with a water organization which ended up getting me an Executive Vice President position
  • Got published on a different blog for my work
  • Terminated my position with the water organization
  • Went on a road trip from Los Angeles to Maryland
  • Can add to my list of travel to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Utah and Vancouver

And now here I am looking for a job again. As i wait to steer my fate onto a new and exciting job, I've decided to keep active. Here's my current list of activities - don't be envious ;)
  • Still working with the home for girls in Sri Lanka
  • Helping out on some water projects in Sri Lanka with another Foundation
  • Started music class - decided to go back to learning to read & write music and learn some classical pieces on the piano
  • House hunting in the Denver metro area
  • Learning about the geology of Colorado more closely
  • Reading various histories on the British, French and Austria
  • And of course staying active
My life as i know has never been the same since I worked as VP of an organization. It showed me the potential i have and what a difference i can make. Once i get some more work experience, WATCH OUT FOR ME WORLD! I WILL TAKE YOU ON!

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