Thursday, April 15, 2010

Commentry on Flock of Dodos

The movie portrayed how the scientific community has a hard time in portraying their point of view to the general public and how it was easy for the Intelligent Designers to portray theirs.
Even though the producer was part of the scientific community, he was unbiased in portraying how the Intelligent Designers were able to clearly term their reasoning in simple words to the public. This of course makes the public understand and listen to them more. When the scientific community uses their scientific jargon, it is hard for the general public to understand.
The Intelligent Designers were definitely intelligent enough to come up with slogans that caught the eye of the public and were easy to say out loud. I think that is good strategy on their part, and the scientific community should definitely adapt that and instill it in the public school system to get students more interested in science.
Even though, they clearly identified their cause, the Intelligent Design in my opinion is another form of religion and religious views are usually easily adapted by public people since it explains something one cannot understand. Whereas, science still has a lot to prove. But you cannot have science if people are not interested in learning it and keep it moving forward to explain the unexplainable in a logical manner. Thus the scientific community clearly needs to portray that in simpler terms to the general public.


  1. Do you really think the producer was unbiased? Yes he made fun of evolutionists (mostly allowing them to portray themselves in a bad light), but he, at times, seemed to go out of his way to make the intelligent designers appear backward, homely, or less intelligent. Maybe it was just me.

  2. I agree with you on Intelligent Design being another form of religion that the public adapts to, with the idea of explaining things that cannot be easily understood and that science does still have a lot to prove.

  3. I guess i was thinking he was unbiased since he made this movie even though he is still on the scientific community's side. But i do agree that he did TRY to make them look not all that intelligent like making fun of that guy who tried to say Mount Rushmore was of intelligent design, but he made a great attempt to show what the scientific community lacked by trying to portray and objective point of view.